There are many great metaverse platforms on the market.

Why choose Agora World?

We make the metaverse simple.

Agora World is computer-based. Joining an experience is just as simple as joining a Zoom link, and creating an experience is just as simple as creating a Facebook profile.

Your world is your world.

Your experience is housed in your own private room - not in a shared space with others. Soon, you will even be able to place a whitelabeled experience directly on your website.

We focus on specific use cases.

From art galleries to educational spaces and more, we have templates for your use case - and if you don't like any of
our options, you can upload your own.

Our world is expansive, not based on scarcity.

Rather than treating land as a scarce, expensive commodity, anyone can have a space on Agora World for a low cost.

And we have more goals that we are aspiring towards:

Most interoperable metaverse platform

Most customization options

Most creator-friendly metaverse platform