Social, shareable experiences in your large space

  • High-quality 3D replicas of your space
  • Navigate your space with others, and communicate using real-time voice chat
  • Create portals to move between essential places in your world
  • Engage visitors with mini-games, interactive components and more
  • Accessible through the computer and easy to share
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Explore our common use cases

College Campuses

Don't let distance be a factor in college decisions.

Offer interactive, lifelike virtual tours of your college campus so that applicants can fall in love with your school from their own bedroom.


Looking to attract tourists? Trying to woo a big business? Hoping to inspire your citizens?

Show off everything that your city has to offer, right on everyone's computer.


Make sure learning can happen anywhere.

Replicate your museum experience online to provide informative experiences to anyone from their computers.

Other Complexes

Bring your apartment complex, building, farmland, church, hotel, company HQ, or other large space into the metaverse.

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