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About Technically Media is a technology news organization which focuses on local markets such as Philadelphia, Baltimore, and DC. The company primarily is known for its reporting, events, and job boards in each of their covered cities. Headquartered in Philadelphia, is well-known for hosting Philly Tech Week, an event held each of the last 11 years which brings together technology leaders throughout the city for a week of conferences, expos, networking and more.

Enabling Socialization at a Virtual Philly Tech Week

Billed by as “a gathering of likeminded people”, Philly Tech Week is centered around bringing Philadelphia’s technology community together. Yet with the 2021 Philly Tech Week being fully virtual, there was no way for attendees to connect with each other as part of the event.

Enter Agora World – a place where attendees could network and share ideas like they would at an in-person event. hosted the 2021 Philly Tech Week Kickoff Event on the platform, customizing the space in just hours to promote their slate of events, their sponsors, and advertisers. In total, over 50 people attended the event, spending their time socializing with others, exploring the space, and learning about Philly Tech Week’s upcoming events and sponsors.

You can watch our short video recap of the event HERE.

Impact and Results

Christopher Wink, founder and CEO of Technically Media, was impressed with what he saw and experienced on the platform. He wrote that Agora is a “fun and interesting new platform” that makes “virtual events more dynamic, interesting and experimental”. expands upon this in a feature article, which emphasizes how the platform enabled visitors to “meet with PTW event organizers, sponsors and each other while perusing the community events calendar in an exhibit hall”.

Furthermore, major Philly Tech Week contributor PACT wrote that the opening event received “overwhelmingly positive” feedback from attendees. They credited the event for being both social and informative, noting that it was “great speaking with local members of the tech community and learning more about all of the events happening in the next week.”

The Philly Tech Week story is a perfect example of how a small amount of effort – just hours spent building using Agora’s no-code tools – can produce a memorable social experience for your next virtual event.

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