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Scribewise is a marketing agency which helps brands to establish a positive dialogue with their customers through value-adding content. The company’s primary services involve developing well-researched content and thorough content distribution plans for their clients, with additional expertise in graphic design, social media, and web design for brands.

Telling the Scribewise story through an immersive education center

Let’s face it: making your story heard in a sea of information on the Internet is not easy. Scribewise understood that and took matters into their own hands – using Agora World to build an immersive educational space that visitors can’t help but pay attention to.

Built using Agora’s No-Code Builder Tool, Scribewise’s world contains 8 full-sized panels, each demonstrating a facet of their solutions or expanding on their philosophy. Titles of these booths include The Content Marketing Mindset, Purpose-Driven Websites, Case Studies and Storytelling is our Superpower (shown on the left). Each of these booths contain additional images with descriptions that drill further into the topic of the booth.

This makes for an improved learning experience in which visitors can obtain snapshots of what Scribewise offers in a visual manner, feel present and personally involved in the quest for more information, and guide themselves through the experience at their own pace. Add in Scribewise team members as “tour guides” to answer any questions, and you have an information vessel far better than any website or PowerPoint presentation.

Making the world interactive and engaging

The space is also replete with videos and links which make the space interactive. Visitors may click directly on videos in order to watch them within the experience. Scribewise uses this feature to embed their top videos and webinar clips in their space. The company also links directly to news articles, case studies, pages on the website and more from within the space, making sure that visitors receive easy access to all kinds of important information about the company.

Finally, the world serves to humanize the Scribewise brand. At the front of the expo center where the company’s booths are held, the company features a large and visually striking “Meet Our Team” section. The effect on visitors of seeing people’s faces in large form in a simulated real-life experience rather than on a 2D website, despite being the same images, can not be understated.

This is a space that you have to see to believe. We encourage you to check it out with the room code: scribewise.

Using their Agora World as a virtual Company HQ

Scribewise founder John Miller admits that he was initially skeptical about the metaverse. However, spending time in his company’s own branded world has changed this perspective. Since creating their space, Scribewise has held their morning huddle on Agora World; hosted Happy Hour events in their space with team members and supporters; and invited partners and clients into their world. In effect, the company has used their world as a Virtual HQ – a common place for people to meet up and truly connect once again.

You, your colleagues, a tiki bar, and a whole world to explore. What more could you possibly need?

Next Steps
  • Check out the Scribewise space at the room code: scribewise
  • Build your own space with the Agora Expo Hall in the app.

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