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Octo Design is a marketing services company, offering solutions ranging from graphic design to email marketing to Go-To-Market planning. They work with companies in a variety of industries and in any stage of growth, with a focus on helping brands to discover their brand identity and develop an effective multi-channel marketing strategy.

“Many of us are tired of staring at screens all day [in Zoom meetings].
Agora World provides a new way to gather with folks remotely that is engaging.”

Gina Salvatore
Graphic Designer, Octo Design Group
Using Agora World to connect with their community

Octo Design has been using Agora World to connect with their clients through virtual events since December 2020. The events, originally hosted by founder Wendy Verna and now run by the Octo Design team, have allowed the company to maintain deep connections with their supporters and clients despite a virtual working environment.

“Over the last two years, we’ve all experienced the proliferation of virtual meetings,” designer Gina Salvatore says. “But many of us are tired of staring at screens all day [in Zoom meetings].” She writes that Agora World provides “a different way to gather with folks remotely that is engaging.”

In December, Octo Design hosted a holiday event in Agora World. The event space featured custom elements such as snow, a Christmas tree, gift boxes, and more to set the scene. In addition, Gina used Agora’s no-code customization tool to build a booth promoting the Octo Design brand and remind their customers to think about them (left, top). This event kept the company fresh in their clients’ mind, attached their brand to a fun and unique experience, and enabled the team to reinforce their relationships virtually through genuine interactions.

 You can watch our short video recap of the holiday event HERE.

Using Agora For Meetings

Octo Design uses Agora World for more than just virtual events – they also use the platform for team meetings and calls with clients. They made this switch since “it feels much more like an in-person meeting – but without having to pick out an outfit or put on makeup,” Gina says. In Zoom meetings, “no one is using their cameras,” and people experience all sorts of trouble getting into calls and communicating within them anyways. By entering an immersive environment that is custom to their brand, Octo Design gets the best of both worlds – no more staring at a drab, black screen for meetings, and no need to leave the comfort of your own home or get ready in the morning to have “in-person” meetings.

Experience it for yourself
  • Check out the space for yourself at the room code: octoworld2021
  • Watch our video recap of the event (same as above): HERE
  • Build your own immersive virtual event in the app.

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