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Love Now Media is a Philadelphia-based social enterprise and media company which uses storytelling to shine a spotlight on those who are promoting justice, wellness and equity in their communities. The organization primarily uplifts the voices of advocates and do-gooders through its articles, videos, podcasts and other published content. In addition, Love Now Media offers workshops and trainings that bring companies and communities closer together, and conducts other initiatives such as focus groups to amplify the efforts of change agents in Philadelphia and beyond.

Picture from the Love Now Media V-Day event.
Using Agora to Bring People Together

In an effort to bring their community together virtually, Love Now Media hosted a Networking Event on Agora World. Held on Valentine’s Day, the “Lunch And Love” event brought over 20 people together to meet new people, share laughs and have fun during the work day. Following the event, one attendee described the experience simply – “So much fun and tons of love.”

The following week, Love Now Media hosted a Panel Discussion in an Agora space. Once again, over 20 attendees showed up to listen to panelists tell their career stories, then connect with others in a “Mix and Mingle” event afterwards. In total, the event kept users engaged for more than 2 hours.

We have really enjoyed partnering with a locally developed platform which has given our team the ability to customize our world.

Jos Duncan Asé
Founder & Chief Storyteller, Love Now Media
World Design and Impact

Love Now Media’s Valentine’s Day event was designed to foster new connections between visitors. In order to keep conversations going, the event space was littered with love-related chat prompts, including ‘What is your favorite love scene in a movie?‘ and ‘What is your favorite love song and what does it remind you of?‘ The space also contained Love Now Media content, including pictures and videos, enabling the organization to demonstrate its brand to attendees.

The Panel Discussion was held in the open air within the Agora Expo Hall space, and did not contain videos, pictures, or other assets. This was done to ensure everyone remains in the central area listening to the speakers, rather than exploring the rest of the space. However, the central building was emblazoned with the Love Now Media logo. Finally, the Mix and Mingle following the panel discussion was held on the “beach” within this environment, with live music played by a virtual DJ.

Love Now Media’s events are a perfect example of how well-designed spaces in the metaverse can bring people together and enable organizations to promote their brand – and demonstrate that with Agora World, anyone can build their own.

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  • Check out the Valentine’s Day space at the room code: lovenowvday
  • Build your own space with the Agora Expo Hall in the app.

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