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About Ledger Academy

Ledger Academy is a Blockchain education organization which offers private trainings and consultations on blockchain-related projects. The organization also offers many popular events for their community, including the Blockchain Employment Series and Princeton Blockchain-hosted speaker series meet-ups.

Using Agora World for education, meetups, and community

Bobbi Muscara, leader of Ledger Academy, is an Agora World Power User. Each of her virtual events ends with a meetup in the metaverse; she frequently sits in her world on a second monitor, just in case people enter; and she updates her world weekly with new information to accurately reflect her upcoming events schedule and to showcase new developments in Web3.0, blockchain, and NFTs.

Bobbi reached this point by combining her two passions – education and community-building. She took full advantage of Agora World’s simple building tools to construct her own education center in the metaverse, and she took advantage of the unique properties of Agora World – spatial communication, simple download and joining, and more – to build a community centered around Agora World.

“I thoroughly enjoyed building the worlds. It was the time of my life.”

Bobbi Muscara
Co-Founder, Ledger Academy
World Design and Impact

The Ledger Academy Hub (Room Code: lah) is complete with images displaying upcoming events for the group; news bulletins showing what is going on in the blockchain arena (“The Ledger News”); and entire booths related to topics that are relevant to the community, including modules on NFT security and The Internet of Value. By keeping this space up-to-date, Bobbi established an immersive educational space unlike any other in the community. This causes people to visit her space, giving her the opportunity to talk directly to them at the exact moment they were interested – thus increasing the chance of doing business with them.

The entire world is designed with a purpose. Most notably, the outside of the main building, facing the courtyard where many of the Ledger Academy meetups take place, displays a list of upcoming events, with a link to click through and sign up for them on Meetup (bottom image). This ensures that visitors are aware of the next event, and since it is visually appealing and in attendees’ line of sight, it presents a far lower barrier to sign-up than a link sent via email or Zoom chat.

Events and Impact

In December 2021, Bobbi and Ledger Academy hosted a holiday event in Agora World, with this meet-up attended by more than 20 people. She feels that bringing her clients and partners into the metaverse helps her to develop stronger, more personal connections.

“I don’t want to host Zoom meetings anymore. It’s killing me,” she says. Instead, she likes to build worlds that have meaning – and make a lasting impression with her compatriots. “I showed my space to the people at [a major partner], and they love it. They love it.”

“It’s gorgeous. I absolutely love it.”

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