A central hub for your distributed team

Create a place to call home for your organization

  • Build a space for socialization and relaxation for employees
  • Add mini-games and use custom worlds to make your HQ a fun and unique destination for your team
  • Empower team members from across the globe to meet each other
  • Combat Zoom fatigue with more natural, life-like social interactions
  • Host others in your world for a more gratifying, memorable experience than on video calls
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Scribewise built an immersive space for both team members and prospective clients to meet in.
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Build your own company HQ in minutes with no code

1. Choose a template

2. Add your organization's branding

3. Publish and experience with others

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Make your HQ personal and entertaining with custom options

Use a custom world for your HQ

A baseball stadium. A world on Mars. A replica of your first store.
Whatever you imagine as your company HQ, we can build it.

Add entertaining mini-games and interactables

Jetpacks. Bumper cars. Ping-pong. Your favorite card game.
Make your HQ entertaining with mini-games and interactables.

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