Our Commitment To User Privacy

As the concept of the metaverse entered the public limelight late in 2021, wealthy corporations and investment firms immediately threatened to obtain unilateral control over the space, thus subverting the will of creators. As we observed this trend, we put a lot of thought into what our company would stand for.

We decided to plant our flag and assert that we believe the future of the metaverse is one where individuals have the right to Privacy. With this in mind, we make the following commitments:

The only individual data we will collect from you is given voluntarily, and that data is only shared in the context of our platform (for example, showing on your profile page or a location pin on a 3D globe).
The only data we will collect ourselves is aggregate or anonymized data for the purpose of improving the technology itself or experiences hosted on our platform.
Communities have the ability to choose what data is ultimately collected from their users (ex. A specific conference may require you to verify your name and email for the purpose of attendance records)

Questions about our commitment to privacy?

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