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Build genuine connections with your audience through immersive, social virtual events.

Available for Mac and Windows.

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Host a virtual event your attendees will never forget.

Engage attendees through the computer with a custom, immersive, and social experience.


Passive attendees turn into active participants once they enter your event space, eagerly exploring and interacting with others. Attendees remain immersed in Agora events for an average of 1 hour, 40 minutes.


Easily move through your space and hold real-time conversations with other attendees. Seamlessly have the individual or small group interactions that are missing from many virtual events today.


Create a unique and memorable experience for attendees. Add your branding, artwork, and sponsorship materials to the event space using our simple customization tool.

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There's a solution for that!

Agora comes with pre-built templates so you can have your event up and running in just minutes.
Focus on connecting with others; we'll take care of the rest.

See what people are saying!

Agora is a very cool & useful social-media app in development with an incredible team behind them!

Nataasja Saint-SatyrPrayers Exhibit

Creative mind! Excellent programming skills. There is no limit to bringing what is imagined to fruition in Ethan's work.

Margaret NylundMagpies On The Fly Café

Extremely knowledgeable in so many different areas. If you need help with anything tech related, from software to hardware, he's your guy. As a huge plus, he's extremely friendly, personable, and easy to work with.

Steven MckeonMacguyver Media

I was expecting to do multiple things at once while kind of watching in this meeting...but this has kept me fully engaged.


Meet Agora's team

Ethan Berg
Co-founder and CEO

Sky Nite
Co-founder and CTO

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